We always use the best blanks available. We have the resources to provide you with several blank choices, available are Rainshadow™ St. Croix, Crowder, G.Lumis, Shakari, and others. Available are IM4 to IM8 graphite and modern E-Glass in casting, spinning, off shore, and fly blanks. You, as the customer, have the say into the blank manufacture and style for your unique fishing experience and we eagerly await our opportunity to customize your personal fishing heirloom. We are now using the new "Liberty" blanks made and designed and built in America, these are all graphite,(no fiberglass scrims), action specific, light weight, sensitive yet strong, and very attractive blanks.

Here at JimmytheFox Rescue Rods we stress quality not only in our blanks but especially in the guides on your rod. Fishing with inexpensive guides that have the potential to break or loose their inserts can ruin a great day of fishing. We offer guides from Fuji, Alps, Forecast, American Tackle, and our personal favorite Recoil Guides. Recoil Guides are a titanium alloy that will retain it's original shape even after multiple deflections, also even under extreme conditions they are virtually unbreakable. All our guides are "backed wrapped" at the point of the most stress to help prevent possible failure.

We are fully adept at using cork inlays in either split style or conventional style. We also will use EVA foam in either standard black or in several color options. Also available are various other foam grips from marbled to camo. to Winns Grips™

Weight is a factor when designing your rod and much of the weight can be in the seat. We design your rod with this in mind. While we strive to keep weight to a minimum certain factors in the design of your rod come into play. What type of fishing do you do is usually the first question we ask and that will establish a starting point to your reel seat selection Available are several seat styles and manufacturers, from Fuji, Alps,Forecast, Struble, American Tackle, etc. Materials range from graphite to aluminum to split seats, again you are the designer, we are the builder and we will suggest the proper seat for you. Pictured are a few of the styles available.

Yours is a custom rod built to your exact specifications and as a custom rod we encourage your design to be something unique to you. As such we offer several ways to decorate your rod. Available are several different techniques to make your rod yours. We provide marbling, decals, snake skins,abalone, and custom thread art wrappings.Also available are the thread colors of your choosing. Marbling entails the use of 2 or more colors placed, in either the "split" section of your rod or in the traditional place in front (towards the tip) of the grips, giving the effect of marble in or on the rod. Decals are just as it sounds, they are decorative stickers of various designs placed, again, in the before mentioned places. Here pictured is a dragon motif. Snake Skins are just as the words imply they are actual snake skin placed on your rod, again in the same places. Available are Rattle Snake, Water Snake, Cobra, and Sea Snake skins. We constantly search for other skins and are working on getting Copper Head and Milk Snake skins. Abalone is a thin sheet of semi-flexible abalone in a variety of colors from pink (pictured below) to natural. Abalone can be placed in the usual areas as well as an underlayment for the guides. Thread art is our personal favorite and it is what the name implies. It is the wrapping of thread in a specific pattern to create designs such as a chevron, diamond, box, or any combination of each. Pictured is a split diamond and a fish pattern but many more designs are available. We have done and American Flag, a Thunderbird, a Heart. We eagerly await your design choice.


We currently have in stock 6, 5"6" 4 weight, 2 piece, fly rods for use in even the smallest of streams. Head Guide Bobby Hand from Appalachian Outfitters has cast a weight forward floating fly line over 40 ft using this rod, so they are even useful on larger streams and rivers.